The first big weekend, as I like it. It'll be emotional

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Boys Climbing Ropes at d22
Well we've all been moaning about how the summer is slow, and it is. There have been a few good events now and again but September is nearly upon us.

I was just going through the listings via Douban's various host pages and I've spotted what could be the first legendary Yuyintang weekend of the season.

The stars have aligned and a group of top bands representing three different cities have come together for two days of pure quality and madness, followed by a bonus day of death metal if you're down for the marathon. And would you believe it, this is actually, Boys Climbing Ropes first true weekend headlining gig at YYT and they are pretty much Shanghai's main attraction live while The Mushrooms are in the studio.

Day one: Friday night (Sept. 10th)
The Fallacy (Henan, Xinxiang)

Post punk bands that move a crowd

Day two: Saturday night (Sept. 11th)
Pairs (SH)

Lo-fi indie and dance rock, more crowd madness

Day Three bonus: Sunday night (Sept. 12th)
Hydrophobia (Japan)
Bestial Invasion

Horror, death metal - if you make all three shows, finishing with this one, mail me and you'll get an honourable blog mention. 

Final note, I saw tons of writers, scenesters and industry ppl at the Handsome Furs show and it just reminded me that I usually don't see them at other shows that often. Make all three shows here and you'll get your spurs, for real. Come on.

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i'll be there, but since i arrived less than a week ago, i don't know anything about how to buy the tickets. do i get them directly from yuyintang ? will it be sold out ? at what time do i have to come ?

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