The Slow Lane

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Been a lack of posts lately. Let me explain and in doing so preview some up and coming posts.

We are in the middle of a mess of public holidays and make up days. The Expo is still on and, for that and many reasons, the scene is dead compared to previous years. 

I mean the part of the scene that I tend to cover, the home grown stuff that gives indication of where the domestic scene is going. 

By the way, one of the other reasons is the trend of more established local acts deciding to take time out of the regular scene to focus on advertising work and promo events.

Another is that 150 'party people' and transients watching a touring overseas act has bugger-all impact on the scene. "The scene" meaning people based in the city creating music and dedicated regular audiences who support/contribute it. "The scene" not meaning the sum of entertainment events happening in the city at any one time. 

Expect a big write up of the Expo summer when it's done next month, followed by a return to regular gig going / writing. It would help if Douban would restore the feed filters for checking band updates. It would also help if bands were updating.

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got you covered esse. but seriously, does Mao not want people to go there?
they haven't updated shit in ages.

Exactly. But, to be fair, there was a point last month where both Mao and YYT were ordered to take down their Douban events and YYT even had to take down their site and pretend it was under construction.

Let me look ... still like that now.

Hint to people looking for China insight - it's not really under construction.

Also, I think Mao's general organisation and treatment of bands has gradually put off everyone except the acts associated with the management.

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