A little bit of self love

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Yup, the blog has been slow as hell and I seem down but I have been doing stuff. Most of the stuff, including events, art and music production, has been documented at the Indie Everything blog. It's not all organizing though.

Now it's out, I'm happy to say I'm proud of the Little Punk lo-fi punk/folk album. You see, I also wrote and played the guitar on it. Obviously, LPs voice and lyrics are the star of the show but a UK blog picked it up lately and had this to say:

This new solo work, however, is something a bit different again. The music is eminently simple; comprising of Xiao Pengke's stream of consciousness vocal, absolutely laced with anomie, over the top of some excellent guitar work, part punk/part surf/part folk, provided by Andy Best. Need more convincing? Then check out the smart and funny DIY video, in which Little Punk turns Hit-Girl style masked avenger, for track no. 7, 'I'm Not In the Mood for Making a Song', which can be seen here.
Being nice is good. Now I feel all happy again. 

Also, despite the inactivity you can hear the original Expendable demos here for posterity. And, Ho-Tom finally talked me into going to the HAL writer's group. They are a good group of people and they were even nice enough to stick up my piece for the session at their site. Keep in mind you get a brief and then about 10 days to write it. 

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ha. me like this.

Well done Andy, Xiao Punk and everyone else involved. Album title :-)

Just what I needed to listen to. Any chance of her doing solo live shows?


Hi John

There was an idea for a mini tour with Pairs to celebrate both albums but both acts have other commitments or pre-booked events aplenty. I'm sure there'll be the odd appearance in the future as this album picks up.

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