Other Shanghai stuff: H. A. L. lit publishing

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1984 cover
Here's a very rare 'other' category post. It does feature a link to something I've done but this is not my project - hence it being here and not at Indie Everything.

H.A.L. is a publisher for people who like to write and happen to live in Shanghai, but don't want to write about China in that horrible white-expert way. 

I recently went to their open meetings called Groupthink and had a good time. And, let's get this out of the way now, I have a new short story there.

Keep in mind the meetings are every two weeks and you get the brief a little over a week from the deadline. Anyway, here it is. Try not to fall into the usual trap when you read it. It's, you know, fiction. I don't really do .. well, I won't spoil the end for you.

The best thing about this group is that they are in fact serious about publishing. Check out the photo. That's a demo cover of their soon to be released first book Party Like It's 1984. This is something really worth supporting. And if you like writing yourself, why not come along to the meetings? There's a tab on the site for submissions, but coming to the group, taking the challenge and reading your stuff out is the best way for them to get to know you and your work/style. Everyone's really nice too. 

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Hahaha, they called you 'soft spoken'. They should read this blog more. It must be those mellow British tones of yours...

Good story too :)

Yeah, well it's a civilised lit meeting in a nice cafe. Mind you, the story does briefly feature a character bottling yuppies.

cool story, andy.

Thanks Adam. It's a really good experience, to have a crack at some writing out of the blue then read it out and get feedback and response.

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