Carsick Cars split

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Much the same as The Beijing Gig Blog in this post, I got a Doumail this morning announcing the end of the Carsick Cars line up as it always has been.

I'll just repost their translation here:

Sub ject: Car sick Cars
Time: 2010-11-17 03:00

We have made an important decision: due to cre ative differences and opportunities for members' per­sonal development, bassist Li Weisi and drummer Li Qing have chosen to leave the band; Zhang Shouwang and his new band mates will continue the work of Carsick Cars. The Novem ber 16 performance may in fact be the last time Carsick Cars perform together in their original form.

Since the first rehearsals and performances in 2005, for more than five years, we three have cre ated two studio albums, experienced more than 100 live performances, and toured the nation and over seas. These have been some of the most important experience and beautiful memories of our lives.

In the future, Li Qing and Li Weisi might make some more music with Snapline and Soviet Pop; and out­side of Car sick Cars, Shouwang will also be doing more experimen tal music with White+. In addi tion, it is quite possible that we three will collaborate in a free [lib eral] music project in the future.

来自: Car sick Cars
时间: 2010-11-17 03:00

话题: Car sick cars

  我们做出了一个重要的决定:由于音乐兴趣的差异和成员各自的发展计划,贝斯手李维思和鼓手李青选择退出乐队;张守望将和新的成员一起,继续Car sick Cars的创作。11月16日的演出也会是carsick cars原始成员的最后一次演出。
  在未来,李青与李维思会将音乐重心更多的放在Snapline与Soviet Pop上;而在Carsick Cars之外,守望同时也在进行着White+等音乐实验。而在将来我们三个也很有可能再合作一个更自由的音乐项目

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Shouwang only 关注ed Soviet Pop on Douban just now. Do you think he'd heard of them before this?!

You'd think not, but I know loads of people on the Shanghai scene who are unaware of, or casually dismissive of other parts of the same scene, sure.

shouwang is getting together with the chick from boys and girls and the vocalist dude from birdstriking.

oh well.

i always liked snapline more anyway

The last two times I saw Carsick Cars live, in YYT and Mao, it was a great experience. Boyz and Girl were amazing live at YYT too.

I saw Snapline here, in the Dream Factory I guess, I couldn't really make out the music and they used a drum machine, had no energy. But Chen Xi kind of fell to the ground at the end of almost all the songs, which was funny.

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