It's here: Duck Fight Goose EP

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Me and Jake write about Duck Fight Goose all the time, so if you're not familiar with them you can read about them here perhaps:

Also, you can check out their page here:

The first two demo tracks are more ambient/electronic driven and the last three are the guitar driven "death-ray rock" tracks.

Anyhow, DFG are one of the most exciting and original bands to come out of the scene lately. They are a kind of Miniless records super group featuring members of both Lava Ox Sea and Boojii. And this is the moment we've all been waiting for - a release date for their debut EP, produced by the band and Brad Ferguson.

The release show is at Yuyintang on December 18th and the 40 RMB ticket gets you an EP and a sticker. Marvelous. See you all there.

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FYI - the tracks are now up on Neocha Edge

it's really good, guys. congrats. i have streamed it a few times now. it's funny how they made a big deal of it being produced by brad for 150 kuai.

I think it was actually less than 150rmb ... the only expense I can think of was a couple of hours at a rehearsal room to do the vocals.

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