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andy farm
Oh-oh, announcement time.

After a busy year of music stuff and seeing our blogs reach their highest viewership yet ... I'm taking a large break from it. Well, from all things internet except the odd bit of reading/lurking.

So I'll not be posting or commenting here or anywhere until I get some other things sorted out, and it'll be a matter of months.

So, if you're not interested in the reflective stuff and don't know me personally you can stop reading right here and continue to follow Kungfuology's scene coverage with Jake.

The reason for the blog was simply to fill a gap. To introduce the scene in a concise and non-judgmental way from a community perspective. That is, as a tool to build, not to indulge in abstract criticism or ratings. This year I had accumulated some cash and we oversaw several projects, all successful beyond our expectations. They included:

The PETA benefit show and photo campaign featuring Candy Shop
The Ren Hang/DFG/Boojii avant guard music and photography show
The overseeing of and release of two lo-fi albums: Pairs and Little Punk.

The two shows attracted full houses of mainly local audiences and promoted alternative values and free expression. The two albums came out great and are gaining traction in the local community too. 

Jake will continue although he has a punishing work schedule. Other blogs and writers all come from quite different perspectives like industry news, entertainment/events, music crit and emerging youth culture (exploitation of a fragile scene for larger commercial interests such as advertising). I don't know of any other sites like our own in either English or Chinese. You'd have to have no advertising for a start. What I suspect is that the scene is entering another era. Maybe Sars (2003) to the Expo was a distinct period and we've entered the next? Who will step up and report on community strongholds like the O3 Space (formerly 0093) regardless of what they think of bands and styles coming out of it? Sometimes journalism is just passing on information without too much comment, or introducing issues. 

Anyway, I'll be around and will still answer the blog mail. I leave you with a practical tip.

Duck Fight Goose's EP is out soon and can be heard currently at the Neocha Edge blog. They are the last productive remnants of the Miniless label. Their work is amazing and at one point, Miniless was responsible for a renaissance of great music and shows. Now they are limited by the usual things, busy day jobs, lack of funds, lack of true support except lip service. They have plans and talent ready. Be it money, investment or donations, or just physical help in organizing and promotions - they are a group to support.

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Until you "get some other things sorted out"... Sounds dire! I'll miss your posts. Really.

You said that your intention with this blog was to "introduce the scene in a concise and non-judgmental way from a community perspective" and, for me, you did exactly that. I wouldn't have had a chance of getting into music here if it wasn't for you and Jake. You let me know when things were going on, and your enthusiasm encouraged me to get off my arse and go.

You probably won't be surprised to find out that I consider the Ren Hang night a turning point for myself. It was when I realised that there was a lot here for me.

Anyhow. Your reporting, and our insights, will be missed. Hope you're back sooner, rather than later, come new year.

Quick Shanghai! Do something to make Andy angry, he'll be back quicker than you can say 'The Expo was good for arts in the city' :)

Enjoy your break and the new projects buddy, from what you have told me they sound like they will be very rewarding.

What a self-important tosser you are.

Hi "Amos"

Thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry, but I/we don't take insults seriously from anonymous posters, especially ones with homophobic fake e-mails.


thought you wouldn't be commenting here or anywhere, you self-important tosser. how long did that actually last?

Hi again 'Amos'.

The blog sends me a mail when people comment. To be fair, 90% of the 500 posts here are not about me. Let's talk. I have your static IP and info from the first comment.

Really, what have you got to fear from me? My real ID, name and details are here and fully open. Why not just have a go using your own name?

Look again at the photo, I'm harmless. What are you afraid of? Read other threads, you'll see I'm fine with negative comments of all kinds, it's no big deal.

Anyway, like the post says, read Jake's blog for the music news.

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