FoF, Death To Giants live @ Yuyintang

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I spent all Monday night believing it was Friday and feeling anxious about work the next day. Because I was at Yuyintang listening to bands.

Why? New Zealand band Die Die Die have been touring China and seem to have got on with everyone so well that they threw an extra free show on the Monday. Bonus.

Death to Giants

Friend or Foe were strong as usual and you still have one more chance to see them before the original line up splits as bassist Fish leaves these shores. I'm talking about this gig on Saturday. Also playing Logo on Saturday are new Shanghai duo Death to Giants.

This was their second ever gig and the first time I have caught them. They were awesome. And they are pictured above setting up for the show. Death to Giants combine the punk, playful intensity of modern lo-fi duos with a dose of virtuoso technical playing and vocal harmonies. They've got it all. The real highlight of this was when they asked the audience to shout out two random numbers, from which they made a time signature, and a topic. Then they improvised an entire song called 'Monkeys and Popcorn.' 

So, Saturday then.

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