New Logo Bar opens with Friend or Foe

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It's back. Logo Bar is opening its new location at 107 Sinan Road. That's near Taikang Road and the famous Tianzi Fang district.

That's Logo, Mao and O3 Space all in that general vicinity now ... suspiciously near Adam Gaensler's Luwan Rock HQ. Do I smell a plan for world domination? 

So on June 18th things will kick off with the Kill Bill show for Friend or Foe's departing bassist, Bill.

Bill's usual handle is Fish and he's not just leaving the band but leaving Shanghai. This warrants a genuine mention. Fish started out young here DJing and doing stuff with Antidote, then working for the promoter Splitworks and also in Friend or Foe, a successful and respected scene band. It's been a massive contribution over the years. Good luck.

Here's the bands official blurb on 'Bill'

Friend or Foe is a band of triplet brothers with a dark past. Made up of the Shakalaka bothers; Rabshaka, Mahanadan, and Bill, this band has recently been torn apart by a heinous, horrific act committed by their youngest brother Bill. In consequence for his unforgivable behavior the two older Shakalakas have decided to put Bill out of his misery. This will be Bill's last gig with Friend or Foe, because Rabshaka and Mahanadan will execute him during the performance.

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