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pupu studio
Image: Pupu of The Mushrooms in the studio this year.

Alright, alright. Jake is out of town and I'm done my writing thing I've been doing. So here's a post.

Nick Peden and his China culture blog The Push Shove have just put out a great mix of Chinese music. 

It includes three tracks from last summer's Qu project I was in, so full disclosure there, but the tracks are in there by Nick's personal choice and the tracks are in the public domain. There was no planning or anything.

I've been at selected gigs too, just not writing. 

I was at this one.

Comments will still stay off as long as I'm not back at it on a regular basis, the spam is just too much to handle if I'm not logging in every day. Use the e-mail in the about page to update or add and I'll add good stuff to the posts.

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