8 Eye Spy/Good Jive live @ Yuyintang

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We made it to the third gig in four days of our mini-marathon. Congratulations.

So, I chose Good Jive over Raybans, going for an honest gig with risk-taking music, organised by people I respect, over shallow promotion and hipster appeal. 

And walked into a giant video set/photo shoot for Dell/Intel and their Noisey project. And I paid for the privilege and it was not declared on the flyer or anywhere else. Seriously WTF! To top it off, it seems that Dell X Vice = assholes. Their multiple camera vid set up and stills photographer took the front row, and all the energy, for the entire headliner set. And yes, the stills camera had a powerful flash and shot continuously from start to finish mostly front center and often back into our faces. No respect for the community, the paying fans or the general culture of the scene and venue. It was really like being on an ad set and stuff like, oh I don't know, being able to see the singer past the held-up cam and continuous flash, was apparently of no concern to these dicks. 

So the show basically existed to give Dell some soft ad material. Nice.

The bands were:

X is Y have a member on holiday right now and they gamely stepped in at the last minute as a duo. Credit to them, they took creative advantage of this and did something different with the songs. It worked and was a good opener for the show. They also played tracks with female lead vocals, which is new for them and also worked.

Next Year's Love played their fullest set yet, in their short career. The sound was really good in YYT and we could hear the guitar better than usual. The song Xiao Ge Ge went off particularly well and there was some good energy in the songs. Their retro synth riffs and experimental edge were a good fit for a Good Jive show too.

8 Eye Spy were awesome despite the continuous distractions, which also prevented the crowd from properly letting loose. They really came across like a weekend headliner. Loud, experienced and assured on stage, they crashed through a great set that mixed the no-wave sound and the Chinese scene post-punk sound. I was surprised at how many songs had up tempo regular rock beats in them too. Great band. 

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I don't hate branding or photographers as much as you, Andy, but even I was annoyed by that photographer who took hundreds of flash shots during 8 Eyes' set.

It was really extreme and showed an utter lack of respect to the paying audience. The entire set.

On other issues, I would be interested to know the terms too. The Noisey project and the Creator's project before that are advertising campaigns for Intel and Dell (not exactly poor) put together by ad agencies. The bands are asked for 'an interview' and then the crew show up and do complete photo and vid coverage, to use in the ad campaign ... did 8 Eye Spy get a fee? Do we for being extras on the set?

It seems very exploitative to me. Does 8 Eye Spy realize they are repping those companies now? Do they have a contract for that?

Let's throw away my views and just go business for a moment. If DFG had played and that was the amount of coverage those guys were looking for, surely it should have been branded with the project and the band should have got fair terms on it?

These projects always come dripping with rhetoric about the creative community and empowerment but they seem to be just exploitative and disrespectful.

But most of all, they just fucked with my night. I go to YYT to escape that world.

I went to the Rayban night - for about 6 minutes. What struck me about that night was that

We put on a better lineup in March at the JUE Festival than the Rayban night (ours: Snapline, AV Okubo, Duck Fight Goose, Pairs; theirs: Snapline, Birdstriking, Forgive or Forget). Ours was 60/80RMB, their was 80/100RMB.

The gig was in the wrong venue - these bands were somewhat overshadowed by such a big venue - and the 3 massive LED walls behind the stage bore just a single image for the entire night - a white Rayban logo on a red background. They hadn't even bothered to put together some creative visuals to interweave the logo and branding in with some other shit.

Honestly, I left with Rayban burned into my retinas, which may have been the idea, but honestly, this lack of creativity and piggybacking is really destroying everything we have worked so hard for....

Check out some of the photos here


'I left with Rayban burned into my retinas'

You should have worn some sunglasses Archie


Yeah, that sounds horrific. My views aside, the whole point of this new advertising is that they're supposed to have stables of 'creatives' making cool shit as opposed to, say, a huge white on red billboard that just sits there.

The Mao stage is weird, it seems overly wide without having the room for a mobile band to actually run around or whatever.

Just looked at the photos, good crowd.

the whole Noisey thing is really obnoxious to me. i don't have a problem with branded shows per se but there's a big difference between attaching music to a brand like Converse, Levi's, Vans, or Plastered T's that have some tangible connection to musical style as opposed to brands like Dell and Intel, which have no connection to music. i guess Vice makes it "ok" because they're a "cool brand"... but really Vice stands for shallow hipster consumerism, which has its place of course, but makes a lot more sense aimed at art school dropouts in Brooklyn than within the Beijing/Shanghai music scene. my annoyance comes from the same place as yours, Andy, I feel they are just cashing in on the Chinese scene to check a few more boxes on their global roster with no actual investment in enriching or sustaining the bands they are "promoting."

on the flip side of the coin they are promoting some bands, and i guess all promotion is good promotion in some cases. also, i know that at least for one of the bands they've featured, they paid them 5,000 RMB, so it's not totally for free. then again, if I had Intel/Dell money......

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