Kite, Next Year's Love live @ Logo

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Picture note: due to the interesting set up at Logo members of the band were completely in the dark when I tried to get a shot. Sorry Sophia.

Show one in my mini marathon of shows this week.

Promoter Abe Deyo Mysterio has been touring Swedish synth pop act Kite all around China and tonight was the final date.

New Logo has a nice set up with a wooden dance floor in front of the stage and a balcony too. The bar is to the side and out of the way. It's got good potential for sure. 

Next Year's Love played first. They built on previous shows and played a longer set than before. They play kind of synth-pop mixed with noise punk. I heard my favorite track Jump, No One Really Cares and other songs had been tuned up greatly. Some good moments in the music tonight where certain segments flowed well. Loved the "Mei Xiaoge" (no boys) shouts but lost on most of the audience I think.

Kite followed up with their, well, plain straight pop music. I really did think I was back in my teen years' house having accidentally turned on Top of the Pops. They played a shortish set and went out with a synth ballad minor key track with echoes of Alphaville. It's a shame there weren't more people in, that band are like porn for 80s fans. And there seem to be a lot around these days.

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Damn Andy, hitting with a flurry! Welcome back! I saw a bit of Next Years Love last Sunday at YYT and I gotta say, their first song was fantastic. I imagined them singing about blood on the floor, but that was probably mostly imagination. It was good stuff.

Hey man. Jake is going up in the world and doesn't have much time so here I am for the meanwhile. Might as well shoot for 500 posts, I think.

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