Photos: Rock Naadam

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In case you haven't heard already. Trash-a-go-go's DJ B.O. recently organized a tour of Mongolia by China rock bands. Despite a few setbacks ... no Hanggai, B.O. himself being turned away at the border! ... Shanghai's Boys Climbing Ropes, Ho-Tom and his Horde and Moon Tyrant made it there and did the tour which included the People's Square of Ulaan Batur.

And check out these pics from Moon Tyrant's page:
(Click for larger) (More after the jump)

moon mongol one
moon mongol two

moon mongol three

moon mongol four

moon mongol five

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More pics on DJ B.O's facebook page:

For the non-Facebook people, there are a few extra pictures of non-Moon Tyrant bands posted at the event for the big Rock Naadam Shanghai show at Mao (on August 20)

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