The Beat: DFG signs with Maybe Mars

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Here's a story that's been floating around. It's not officially announced anywhere by the label in question but recording has started in a place were tons of scene people hang out.

The breaking news goes to Mr Dan Shapiro at The Beat: Shanghai's Duck Fight Goose have signed for Maybe Mars.

Read the full article/insight here

It's also making its way around the net: The Push Shove

You can check out Duck Fight Goose's Douban page and hear their first EP Flow in its entirety, right there on the front page. The new recording will feature their new set, and style, but band manager Brad tells me there are plans to work in two of the old favorites. 

While were at it, let's check what I wrote about this in 2009: my cogitation. Although by my count, half the bands I mention there are inactive now, including biggest hope Self Party. 8 Eye Spy played a great show last week and their CD is great. DFG rose from the flames of Lava Ox Sea. We'll see.

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I kind of take issue with Dan's wording. "Signing" to a label has certain connotations -- bands beholden to labels, suits vs artists, etc. The DFG deal is basically Maybe Mars saying, "Here's some money, go make a CD and let us sell it for you." Which, in my mind, is something else entirely ... something better.

For an example of why I think this is an important distinction to draw, check out Ivan's comment on Dan's CW post -- he implies that DFG changed their sound in order to get a record deal (or were forced to change by the label). Of course, anyone who knows Han Han or the rest of the band knows how ridiculous that is, but it's inevitable that some people will read "sign to" as "sell out to."

Thanks, Brad.

As you well know, prior to these articles popping up, that's pretty much all I knew too. That some funding was earmarked for a CD and that was the extent of the 'deal.'

I made a similar comment on the Push Shove post too yesterday, have a look. Saying that there has been an ongoing low key collaboration with Han Han and Maybe Mars (Maybe Noise) for a while now, certainly way before DFG's change in style.

Aw, it was just a spot of levity. But you're right in pointing out the implication; it's not a hard conclusion for an outside observer to potentially reach. It's great that DFG got pretty much the sweetest deal they could have gotten - sort of like what Sony's RED Distribution offered Odd Future - where the group is handed some money to go and be themselves.

Forgive me if I'm way out of the loop, but what does this mean for Miniless? I was always under the impression that Miniless was Han Han's project

Ivan, I even cant know whether you are the same Ivan I talked to in gmail.
This Ivan here is full of implication, assumption and really mean to speak like that in dear Andy's blog.

Don't imply anything or assume we are changed because of signing or we change our style to get the contract. To be more clear, if the company is SONY BMG or anything like that, and they guarantee us to get a Boeing 747 after recording, maybe we will play some Chinese pop. (This sentence implied that Maybe Mars is still kind of underground).

Secondly, I don't like any band play the same style in every album. If anyone call that's creativity , it's just double-size the boring team. We only change for ourselves. And what if we play like the EP in our next album? People will say we change because of what?

We are off battles for a while. Even that can't make everyone happy?
relax man. Finally, music speaks.

Thanks for commenting Han Han

I think we are all just DFG super fans who are anxious to hear the new CD.

You are right about bands evolving and changing with each album. Can't wait to hear the new stuff recorded. Good luck.

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