The Sino-Emo-Guitar-Pop hits keep coming

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Shanghai is never short of young bands doing the guitar driven emo/screamo pop thing. I recently put up a couple of videos here and now here are high quality demos from both bands.

First go to the Monkey Shines page and scroll down. Press play and hear the two tracks After Today and Save You Back. Both have great energy and sound great for demos. Also note, that these are almost perfect examples of what I'm hopelessly trying to give a genre name. Maybe I can get some help in the comments.

By the way, look at those play counts - as many as a lot of established China underground bands.

Then go to the Color 4 page and hear the brand new demo Error. This is more pop but you'll here strains of the same scene in there, especially towards the end.

Now can we have Double Control Where (original set) back please?

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Hi Andy,

Just gave Monkey Shines a listen and well... where is the screamo part in it :) sounds to me like regular pop punk. Same for Color 4.

Reminded me a lot of Alt Senior

For real screamo I recommend The Reason:


Hey Max

Genre definitions change all the time, my policy is just use the words and language that the band use themselves. And be clear that I'm in no way offering any kind of final definition.

If it were up to me ... well, I remember clearly when the word Emo first popped up. It was used to describe some early nineties punk bands that changed the aggressive vocal style for more soulful sounding stuff. By today's standards you'd have to call it something like nerdcore punk :)

Then you have the My Chemical Romance debate.

And it goes on. And on.

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