Youtube Tudou: Color 4 and Monkey Shines

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Here are two live videos of new Shanghainese bands Color 4 and Monkey Shines, both featuring members of Little Nature strangely. One ex and one current.

Color 4 are seen here at Mao and play pop-punk. Monkey Shines play emo and are seen here at Yuyintang. Interestingly, they are both not far off members' other projects musically. Xiao Ding who sings for Monkey Shines also sings for Forget and Forgive. 

Note: the sound quality for the Monkey Shines video is bad and goes in and out: but it still gives a good impression of their energy and how they rocked YYT that night.

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Thanks for the vids. I haven`t seen FaF in a long time and this really reminds me of them. Just a curiousity question, but I`m just wondering why someone in two bands, who are somewhat active, would do the same style of music in both bands. Maybe I`m not enough of an emo fan to pick out the differences of sound...

I think it's a matter of everyone being a large group of friends who like to hang out and have similar music taste. I haven't asked though.

You get that a lot with bands playing music in very "tightly defined" genres. Black metal bands, for example, often share members.

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