The 500th post

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Ling Yin Si
Welcome to the 500th post in the Shanghai Music Scene category of the blog.

It's only relevant to the scene in a meta way, but well .... 500 posts. Coincidentally, this month marks exactly ten years in Shanghai for me too. (Not ten years of the blog though.)

Must make a special mention of Jake Newby the first person to really 'get' the blog and understand, through his own local scene experience, what it is/does. He then joined up and now has 416 posts of his own here ... yes, that's 916 together. 

We are not famous and the blog has never advertised outside of people we know. But saying that we recently went over 10 000 individual, non-bot IPs a month. It makes us happy. So thanks for reading to those of you that read it. 

What else. We have resisted all offers to put advertising on the blog. There have been some surprising offers from big mags and newspapers looking to reach the China 'creatives' market but we have always said no. It's very important to us to have 100% integrity and independence on the blog and we can proudly say not a single one of the 916 posts were in way profited from or paid for etc. 

Righty then, roll on 501.

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