Video: Dabaoge: Little Punk

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Via The Push Shove

Quick note, sorry Andy, sorry Nick ... there are all kinds of sites and stuff like this that I don't post because of their involvement with the ad industry A.K.A. Satan. In this case though, I think the guy behind it is a genuinely nice person who I've met and like. It goes a long way.

Little Punk of Shanghai indie band Boys Climbing Ropes has a solo album, which regular readers of the blog will know. The style is lo-fi indie-folk. Here it is on Bandcamp for free DL.

Now here she is doing a video with Dabaoge. LP and BCR guitarist Jordan perform acoustically in one of Shanghai's old lane neighborhoods. The picture quality is pretty good despite being compressed for a streaming site (Miller, tell me how you did it!) and it's so Shanghai. The vocals seem quiet at first but watch on.

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