Youtube Youku: Mushrooms need you

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The Mushrooms are having a special gig at Mao Livehouse on September 12th where they are making a call to get 1000 people to the show, then they will get the long awaited album out. Here is a video showing various people from the scene recording bits to support the event.

It's Chinese language only.

At the beginning of 2010 I'm sure they could have pulled this off. They filled Yuyintang to capacity several times and had old Mao looking close to full and had really built a fanbase. But after signing with David Tao's new label they all but disappeared for over a year. There have also been line up changes in the guitar department. 

Also the gig is on a Monday at two in the afternoon. Is that a public holiday then? I'll be there providing my wonderful employer doesn't make us work on a holiday. 

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Rather optimistic, yeah?

I'm a bit confused.
What happens if they don't get 1,000 people? They won't release their CD?

@ JC

There was a point where they could have done it for sure. Now we'll have to wait and see. I have no idea.

@ XZ

Yeah, that's the joke everyone's been making. Me and Jake were asked to be in the vid but we were worried it might be a branded thing or attached to the label.

Personally, I think the bigger 'risk' is that they get the people and then don't release it. It won't be a joke anymore in that case.

Anyway, it all seems strangely out of place considering the general size/state of the scene. Only QSBS and a couple of the imports got close to filling Mao, and they relied heavily on internationals.

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