Pairs, Xiao Zhong 100 Questions + new track

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We've already reported on Pairs new upcoming album Summer Sweat

Intrepid American podcaster DJ EZ Eargazm met the band on a trip to Beijing, during which he caught many bands ... including his favorite, and mine, The Subs. He then followed up on a drunken promise and came to Shanghai to record ... 100 questions with Xiao Zhong (English).

It must be checked out, it's well funny.

And - it kicks off (at around ten minutes in, the start of the interview itself) with an exclusive new track from the upcoming album.

So check it out:

Also, listen for the quips at the start. When referred to as a local celebrity, Xiao Zhong laughs it off, and says they could find a real one as they'd just seen Jake Newby on the street from the car.

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