Bone, DFG, X is Y live @ Yuyintang

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Saturday night in YYT and it's time for the Bone China tour. Here was the line up:

I was in for a surprise. I hadn't taken time to check out Bone online and only glanced at the other bands in the line up and a brief bracketed description on X is Y's page that said Bone were an Australian math rock group.

Duck Fight Goose went on first. Which means I only caught the last two songs of the set. Sorry guys.

X is Y had a drummer change and then a summer without the new drummer. They have been playing as a duo and also experimenting with the songs and some new sounds. Tonight they were back with the full line up and usual style. Moody, punchy math rock that is a delight for musicians and genre fans. Nothing has been lost in the change, the new drummer slotted right in. Lots of tracks on their page.

Bone were awesome. They actually describe themselves as a punk band. They played loud and brutal with most of the songs having a grinding off-pace beat. They were really professional too, with great stage presence, really worth the ticket money. Their music is somewhere between punk and darker post-punk, I dunno, again - loads of tracks at their page. Great night all round, finishing off three shows in three nights for me. 

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