Pairs Summer Sweat album launch

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Due to the recently discussed technical difficulties on the blog, these posts are coming out in a random order. And hastily.

Last Friday was the Pairs Summer Sweat album release at Yuyintang. Lets get the important link done first:

Here is the entire new album at bandcamp

Start listening as you read. Two bands there on the night:

Great night and great turnout. Pairs put up an excellent by-donation merch table with an array of goodies that included both their albums. It was a big hit and very well done. Take note, everyone else. 

Ho-Tom played his urban folk (that's what I'm calling it now) with a full line up that included a box player. He rules. Then, the action moved to the floor. Pairs played in the middle of the pit and a lot of the audience went up on the stage. It was cool and worked well, although it ultimately cut out a bunch of people who couldn't see and went back out into the park. There were enough people to fill the floor using the normal set up. So in the end it felt like a private party for friends, with good feelings and extended thank yous between the final tracks. 

Next - world domination!

Seriously though, never mind my write up, go to Bandcamp immediately.

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