Mushrooms album out. Yes, you read that.

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The Mushrooms have their first full length album out, six years after forming in the dark recesses of Shanghai's 0093 rehearsal rooms.

Two tracks are available for listening on their Douban page.

They have decided on a mainland release through Tencent Music (QQ people) at first. Here it is.

The whole story is on the blog but here's a quick recap. The Mushrooms are a local band who came through the 0093/Yuyintang set up then got signed by a Taiwan/HK industry label owned by David Tao. A first and a remarkable achievement. Of course, this has seen them go from plucky rap-metal to beloved Shanghai style commercial emo-metal outfit to ... well, a band you'd expect to hear on a Taiwan/HK industry label. A couple of the old favorites survived to the album. I was at the recent pre-release show and their fans loved every minute of the new look band.

Congratulations, guys.

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