SH247: Longform Moon Tyrant Interview

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Shanghai 24/7 have recently revamped their site and also have a steady stream of decent features now. 

I have blogged their longer, in depth interviews before and now they give us another great one from Shanghai's Moon Tyrant

The guys wrote an album, played a bunch of shows culminating in the Rock Nadaam Mongolia tour and have come out the other side more cohesive and focused. Now they're going to drop their wisdom on you.

They reserve a special section to rail on people who confuse the DIY ethic and the DIY aesthetic. So don't get confused or the Moon Tyrant will smite you with a fireball or some such power. This blog uses Vocab: "Lo-fi" +3 to defend. Oh god, D&D jokes. Go read the interview now. It's well worth it. And come on guys, what was that band name?

Murray: Our first name was possibly the most uninspiring and ridiculous band name that's ever been come up with. I was never going to take to the stage under that name, no matter what. I'm not fucking saying what it was, before you even ask.

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