Free show at Uptown Records

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Couple of caveats for this one. I must disclose that my significant other plays in one of the bands at this event. And, as you've all noticed, I don't do listings or previews unless it's something unusual or whatever.

So, Uptown is a totally awesome record store with vinyl and record players. They are having a promotional show, for free, on 17th March. Click on the flyer for a larger one with all the details.

The line up features an eclectic line up of interesting acts and it should be a great event.

Alpine Decline (Beijing via L.A.)
Torturing Nurse (Shanghai harsh-noise)
Stalin Gardens (SH experimental rock)

Stalin Gardens have recently changed their name from Rank Moist Vegetation. 

This seems like a kind of perfect underground type event to me. And, it's actually underground. See you all there.

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