Great moments in time: Marrow (Sui 髓)

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Those readers who know me personally have probably heard me blab on about how 2003/Sars up to the Olympics was kind of an era of its own for music in Shanghai.

And if we talked about that, you've heard me talk about seeing a dark/experimental indie band called Marrow (sui 髓) play at Harley's Bar in 2004 and 2005. I thought they were excellent and were going to be the real breakout band of the scene. But then the singer had a baby, with the drummer, and they quit. 

I recently found out that the two guitarists were in fact Linfen (李林枫) and Zhang Feng (张锋) of Banana Monkey fame, and then, with the help of Brad Ferguson, was able to get a hold of their 2005 album - produced by none other than Zhang Hai Sheng of Yuyintang fame. By help I mean that Brad did everything and Zhang Feng (Bono) was kind enough to give us one of the old CDs he still had.

Here's the track listing:

1 1937
2 Limit
3 Love
4 The End-Result (归宿 Gui Su)
5 Milk
6 可能在想象中沸腾 Ke Neng Zai Xiang Xiang Zhong Fei Teng
7 捕捉 Bu Zhuo
8 五官错位 Wu Guan Cuo Wei
9 Untitled

The album is still kicking around some sites like Indievox and the project is long gone, but I have permission to stream a track or two. So here's a little piece of the post-sars Harley's years on the Shanghai underground scene: The End Result

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