Senlin Mu live @ Yuyintang

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Friday night was the second Kai Chun show (育音堂开春), marking the end of the holiday period at Yuyintang. Headliners were Brit-pop stylers Senlinmu.


Orange are a local Oasis tribute band who ended up going on last. 

DerWish are a student band from one of the international schools. They came out first and played a competent set of metal songs including some classic covers such as Metallica's Seek and Destroy. Good job guys. Full disclosure, I also covered Seek and Destroy at jams in my late teens. Yes, Kill 'Em All was released in 1983.

Senlinmu (森林木) were the main band of the night. This three piece played a full set of Brit-pop / rock style songs, which used to be really really popular with Shanghai bands a couple of years ago. These guys have honed their skills and stuck around and are worth checking out. The set leaned towards the slower 'jangly indie' tracks but the uptempo songs were good and would have gone over great with a larger crowd. They threw in an interesting cover of Michael Jackson's Beat It near the end of the set. The Van Halen riff and breaks were replaced with chorus pedal laden Brit-rock arpeggios. Good job the metal kids weren't around to hear that. Ha. 

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