Shan Hai Livehouse closes

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shan hai
Less than a year ago, the fine folks at Zhu Lu He Feng decided to open a livehouse. The result was Shan Hai and it opened up in a Xin Tian Di type development up on Aomen Road.

The place was going to be somewhere between a Yuyintang and a Mao in size and there were plans to work with a dance/electronic promoter to get a regular money spinning night on the go while the band side grew.

And now comes the news that it has closed. If the announcement at their page is anything to go by, they aim to try again in another location.

I don't really know what to think of it all. I assumed that the ZLHF bands, on the back of their good work on the university and festival circuit, and great Douban numbers, would be able to pull in a couple of big shows a month. Maybe someone will go on the record about it all shortly. But anyway, it's confirmed, it's all over at Aomen Lu.

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