Trash A Go Go has left the building

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Shanghai garage rock promoters Trash A Go Go have put on their last show.

They were Toshi, Mizusu and B.O.

Toshi and B.O. were kind enough to send me some of their picks for their favorite shows and if you follow after the jump there's some great look backs and I have some of their wonderful flyers.


1)The Fevers
The best show for me in the last 2-3 years. Their show was just a blast. They played so tight and had so much energy on stage. This band is not just a vocalist or guitarist being a hero on the stage. All of them are quite remarkable. One of the few bands where I want to play in their band. It was the most energetic craziest show with the smallest audience by Trash a Gogo ever I think.
2)The Routes (second time)
When the routes came to Shanghai the second time last March, they had new bassist. That new bassist was just a pure punk bassist and he was used to playing bass with The Routes drummer before the drummer joined The Routes when they both were young. It made whole sound more punkish and that's what I like. There was huge audience and their show was really tight. But actually the bassist was too punk for the vocal/guitarist and the composer of the band who loves 60s original garage punk. In the end he was fired after their European tour. Ha.

3)The Fadeaways
They are a kinda young generation garage punk band in Japan. Their peformance is quite tight and also very energetic.

Their show was quite mature, not like Fevers or The Fadeaways who run on their passion on stage. They are quite experienced and organized and they even brought their own go-go girl dancer.

5)Jehosaphat Blow and the Blah Blah Blahs (the first Trash a Gogo with The Routes)
Actually this band is not from abroad. This band is what I used to play bass in for an American weirdo called J (aka Jehosaphat Blow's). He was an original member when we started Trash a Gogo and he was the one who named it. He was most talented composer of garage punk I've ever met in Shanghai. He left China after our third show.


1)October 2010: Paralyz
It was just a perfect storm: Paralyz are just awesome. At midnight it hit my birthday/Halloween, it was the last Saturday night ever at the old Logo. I DJed until 6 a.m., apologized to everyone because I had to leave, went home to take a shower, and headed to a long day of work. It was worth it. That's what all this is about.

2)May 2011: The Fevers
The Fevers were an absolute glorious shit-show. They played at Lune and YYT and both times generated a palpable air that the whole room was going to collapse. The club managers were nervous, the TAGG guys were howling with delight. There's also a perverse delight that practically no one showed up to either one of those shows. Both times, they basically played for us and us only. We lost a bundle, but fuck it, you know?

3)May 2011 (Again): The Morlocks
This one was in conjunction with Abe, who brought The Morlocks over on tour. Man, they were just ridiculous. Similarly to The Fevers, they had an amazing presence. Whereas with The Fevers it was of calamity, with these guys it was just pure sleaze.

4)Trash A Go-Go goes to Japan
I have to mention these shows. It was an amazing experience. We were treated like royalty. It felt especially good because we had earned the plane tickets from our previous shows.

5)May 2010: King Khan and BBQ Show
This wasn't a Trash A Go-Go show, but it was about my second night in Shanghai, and it was also the night I first saw perform, and met, Toshi and Misuzu. Also a real good show! Special night.

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