Left Rock and Yangpu

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Note: The hand drawn map done by the Leftrock people puts North on the left (regular East on a map) so you'd have to rotate it 90 degrees counter-clockwise to make it line up with any other map you may use.

Recently I went up to Dclub to see Bigong Bijing play. In the post I mentioned something of the Yangpu scene. So I thought I might do a quick recap for readers who are new or whatever.

Click on the images for larger. Yang Pu rough map below.

Yangpu is a district of Shanghai to the North-east of downtown / People's Square. Its commercial centre is called Wu Jiao Chang and is home to many big university campuses (Line 10 - Wujiaochang). It used to be a surreal affair with a stacked car sculpture in the middle, now it's all modernized. To the North of Wujiaochang is the New Jiangwan Town development which has trees, space and SMP - the largest skate park in the world (line 10 Xin Jiangwan Zhen).

The scene used to be centred there pre-SARS and has made a bit of a comeback lately. It has its very own 0093 type cheap rehearsal space where all the equipment is provided - Left Rock (靖宇东路280号 - 280 Jingyu Road East - Line 8 Middle Yanji Road). And, just across the park from Left Rock is Live Bar, the venue at the centre of Yangpu (国顺东路800号 - 800 Guoshun Road East). I used Wujiaochang Station last time I went there.

Then, down by where Live Bar used to be, way back when, you have Dclub (长阳路738号 - 738 Changyang Road - Line 4 Dalian Road). 696 Livehouse is across the border in Hong Kou district and sits next to the football stadium (东江湾路188号 - 188 East Jiang Wan Road - Line 3 Hongkou Football Stadium). 

- end report -

yangpu new map

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