March madness (in music) - starting tomorrow

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tn in hk
Pictured: Torturing Nurse in Hong Kong.

This blog doesn't do previews and is not a guide, so to speak. However, I can't help but notice that the next three weeks, helped partially by the Jue Festival, are packed full of interesting shows. Some weekend nights have four happening at the same time.

It kicks off tomorrow with the most exciting Wednesday night in recent memory. You have two shows:

Duck Fight Goose @ YYT playing a free farewell show before they head to SXSW

And then it doesn't let up until Sunday 25th. There's Skipskip Benben on Thursday and Old Doll on Friday. Also on Friday, a Chinese Folk Roadshow @ Mao and New Vector @ Live Bar. So there's three choices in one night. 

Saturday has four: Chaos Mind, Steely Heart, Beatrice (student Cosplay band) and more Folk roadshow. And it goes on. This is the time to be paying attention ... to other blogs and mags with listings, and Douban.

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