Skip Skip Ben Ben live @ YYT

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Thursday night at Yuyintang was part of the Splitworks' Jue Festival program and also the fifth installment of the ongoing series of shows hosted by Wooozy. The idea is to bring in Chinese acts from other cities who the Wooozy staff think are interesting. Tonight it was the latest project from Taipei musician Ban Ban (斑斑) who is now permanently based in Beijing.

Shanghai's Next Year's Love opened to a decent enough crowd and the high points of the set were the up-tempo tracks like I Know.

Skip Skip Ben Ben used to be a stripped down side project to Ban Ban's old band BOYZ&GIRL, who gave us one of the best shows YYT has seen. Now it's her main concern and they have a full, electric line up. They play dirty Beijing indie and they played loud. Ban Ban, an experienced player whose first band Freckles had a seven year run, is in command of her guitar and playing and she channeled her energy through it the whole set. 

If you go to the Douban page and scroll right down below the events, you can find live recording of Yeah Yeah Yeah, La'lasta and Parking from their most recent material. 

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