Last Call for Friday night

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I already blogged about the opening of new bar Shanghai 390 here. Shanghai band Next Year's Love will release their vinyl at the show.

Meanwhile, across the way at Yuyintang, Stegosaurus? are releasing their album Purple Pachyderm.

Both shows are tomorrow, Friday 17th. Here are the flyers:

Here's what they say:

The time has come once again for a crazy, fun filled, stomach filled CD release show from Stegosaurus?! Named after Les Claypool's famous wine, Purple Pachyderm will see the light of YYT after two painful years of delivery and labor. Come for the FREE CD, FREE New York Style pizza and maybe a hint of Purple Pachyderm wine. Come early for the refreshments. Wine and Pizza will go quick! Support from Dragon Pizza. 40 Yuan.
So make your choice and head on out.

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