Logo remembrances: Mahanadan

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I just posted on the closure of Logo bar, as reported by Adam at Luwan Rock.

In the post I admitted to my ramblings being patchy and not based on any official statements from the owners. I asked if anyone could send me in their own memories. Boom! Right off the bat, it's Mahanadan. His take is remarkable in that reading it kinda feels like the experience of being at Logo. Everything Below this line is him:

... I never really liked Logo that much. The layout was shit and of course it sounded like elephants gargling candy camel dicks. No one ever stopped moaning about the sound. It was pretty bad, though.

However, Logo was instrumental in the formation of our band, Friend or Foe. Our first show ever was there. We had no bassist at all and decided to play the show with bass lines loaded onto Rabshaka's iphone. This was awesome until someone wondered, "what happens if you get a call in the middle of the set?" We were stumped, but soon figured out we could just put it on airplane mode. After that shitty set, the future Bill came up to us and asked if we needed a bassist. The rest is history.

We also had a crazy show there Halloween night 2010. This all had to happen after the Yuyintang show so it got started about 2 or thereabouts. The place was packed and we were all dressed up like bao an. People were dancing on the stage while we played and it was an all-in-all rock star moment. We went on to party like said rock stars 'til the sun came up, at which point I realized I had lost my phone. It was real fun slinking home to my wife and mother-in-law who were skeptical (at best) at my disheveled state. On top of all that, I had to go to the China Mobile office in that condition to get a new sim card, plus then to Cloud Nine to pick out a shitty new phone. Good times.

I think the funniest show ever was the Steely Heart show, though. The lead singer was doing his best Joyside impression and stumbled/sat down/momentarily passed out right into the kit. I remember thinking they were a pretty good band, like a drunker Strokes, but now they just churn out ridiculous synth pop.

Anyways, I liked the new Logo (we killed Bill there, as chronicled on Shanghaiist), although it was far away from my place and I had two bikes stolen there. It's funny how people complained that Mao was never in the center of town until it moved (right where the new Logo is/was.) and then they still don't support it. Shanghai music was pretty much made for the f-visa ghetto I think is the lesson there.

Lune pretty much always sucked, due to the equipment and the fact that the speakers in the back only pumped out the mics' output and nothing else ... I had to anchor the bass drum in place with a fire extinguisher so it didn't wander into the crowd. I did play in my winter thermal pants and nothing else there one time, so there's that.

Ah, memory lane.

The Halloween show at Logo
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