Sea Change

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sea change
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I'm blogging again. That's the news.

But there will be a big change in the blog content. Things are changing and slowly moving for me, behind the scenes, and my needs for this space have changed.

More selfish needs, sorry.

Previously: this blog was a space to write about the Shanghai music scene. It had the following rough rules:

Try to post three times a week
95% of content about the shanghai music scene
Show diverse cross section regardless of tastes

Now the purpose has changed. Here is the new rough guidline to this blog:

Record, promote and discuss the range of my activities and interests

That will include the music scene, my own music, film, table top games, writing, my novels and screenplays, thoughts on DIY culture and Shanghai. So, if you want to only see vids and links about China music, just click the shanghai music scene category to filter all the other stuff out. If you don't know about the categories and the tags in blogs by now, there's not much else I can tell you. 

This also implies that I'm free from my perceived need to be uncritical about bands here. Well, I actually have a general belief that it's fairly pointless anyway, and that if you can link over and hear the music, I needn't describe or critique it much. So all that's probably going to stay the same. 

And follow me on Twitter if you do that (at)andybest72

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