Astrofuck demos done

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Pictured: Astrofuck's Kaine and HHH

I'm going to stop excusing myself for the self-promotion stuff now. I did mention it all way back here in this post ... but I then did so many regular music posts that I kinda worried it would still look like the old blog but with cheeky Andy things inserted in sneakily. I won't mention it any more, I'll just refer people back to this.

So, the holiday is over and I finished some demos with my band Astrofuck. We recorded them in an evening down at Studio Pony and now they can be found here:

There are five tracks there. They are unmastered versions but it's all good. That's the first time we have had any kind of recording of Love Is Shit, full or instrumental. 

Also around the blogosphere: the Tumblr-verse is gaining a little bit of traction and consistency when it comes to China scene stuff. Between Twin Horizon, China Music Radar, Alternative China and Slink Rat there's quite a bit of material coming out. There's probably more once you get checking in that world. So do it.

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