Re-intro: Tension Music

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Picture: magazine article featuring Da Xifu. Click for larger.

Tension Music is a collective and promoter that represents and champions many of Shanghai's local bands. The name is derived as a sound alike to their Mandarin name 天线音乐 tian xian yinyue which literally translates to antenna.

The group is powered by Wang Tian Tian, a long time stalwart of the scene and one of the two founders of the legendary 0093 rehearsal space and studio. The studio is out in the suburbs. Tian Tian has also always been the guy to make China bands's CDs available, first out of a box in the old rooms and now via Taobao. He also knows his footy.

The page has songs, pics, links and vids from all the bands they currently rep. They include: Frozen Street (冷冻街), Monkey Shines (恶作剧), Forsaken Autumn, Magic Lion (摩术狮), Cosmicake (宇宙蛋糕), Joker, Da Xifu (大囍福乐团), En Route, Tang Trio (唐趣), Guts (格子团) and Prank. 

They also have a shop near 0093 and Taikang Road. The address is: 
黄浦区徐家汇路618号日月光中心B1层C区B1631号,营业时间每天14:00-22:00 - 618 Xujiahui Road, Huangpu District, Ri Yue Guang Centre, Area C, B1 shop B1631, Hours daily 14:00-22:00.

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