Demos and bits: XXYY and Forsaken Autumn

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Update: G pointed out to me that the feed page for the band pages in still there even if the link doesn't show up at your home page, it's

I have to admit to being slack at posting up new demos from local bands lately. It's partially due to Douban dropping the 小站 feed, in my defense.

Well, after almost calling it a day, dream pop / 'slowcore' band Forsaken Autumn (pictured) have got a new track called Wallow. As you will notice when the vocals kick in, they have this style down.

Douban page (scroll down for mp3 player)

Next up are ex-pat warriors Xiao Xin Yi Yi who have all the credentials to be thought of as truly local on the scene. Guitarist-singer Mike Herd flexes his garage and punk muscles in this outfit and has great lyrics to boot. These demos were live recorded at Your Songs Your Show but the sound is amazing. The blown out fuzz guitar chords sound especially great. Check out Petrol.

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