Debut album from Feima - who'll then split

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This is a typical story, even more so of Shanghai, compared to the Beijing scene. 

Local indie band start to break through, have a distinct China scene sound, start to rock live shows ... put out first album ... and then split up or go on hiatus. It's an old familiar topic, but we still all talk about it. The time it takes a student or part time band to get good on the tiny Shanghai scene, is about the same time it takes to run afoul of a break up via one of a few familiar reasons.

This band is Feima and their album is Half City. 

The tracks Left and Right and Co-copier stick out for me, because I got into them at the live shows and they exemplify how they are influenced by other Chinese post-punk bands - which is a good thing. My personal favorite though is City Hiding Guide, same reasons I suppose. But, yeah, singer/guitarist Bellows is getting ready to go abroad to study at the end of this summer. It was first reported at Slink Rat here.

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