Regrouping Shanghai bands this summer

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Many younger local acts in Shanghai have a hard time keeping a line up together for more than a year. That's not news. A couple of bands are pushing through though.

Pictured are Gezi Tuan (格子团) English name Guts, although the name translates to 'grid'. After a reasonable start then losing members (sound familiar?) they are back in action. I was rehearsing in the room next to them this week and we all remarked that they sounded really together. So if regular indie stuff, but with a bit more distortion and a bit less irony, is your thing then try to catch up with them I should note that the demo there is from the old line up, I think. 

Monkey Shines are on round three. They are a combination of uptempo pop punk and emo, but the demos can give you the full picture. They have just released a new one with their third singer in three years. Drummer Xiao Zhong ( 小钟 not 小中) has been around the block, starting out with the original line up of Little Nature. Anyway, check out the new demo at this page, it's the first one 《无恶兄弟》. 

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