Video: Guren live @ Uptown

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I see a bunch of touring cultural stuff here and I usually separate it from 'the scene' and therefor mostly from the blog. I saw these guys on three separate occasions this week, including some collaborations that have prodded me to write a post, coming up shortly, so here's a taste of their stuff in its purest form.

DJ B.O. brought them down as part of his ongoing Rock Nadaam series. Altan-Od is a Khomeii expert (Mongolian throat singing) from the town Darkhan. Khongor is a specialist in the Morinkhuur fiddle and is from Ulaanbataar. Together they are Guren. The video has two short sections.

PS: I have laid out my definition for 'the scene' in regards to this blog many times, but most clearly in here.

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