Wu Hongfei detained over 'threat' tweet on Weibo

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Some serious news this week. Singer Wu Hongfei, whose Shanghai show I blogged here in 2009, has been detained over a Weibo post that is being called 'a bomb threat.' She is also from one of China's minority groups and has done activist work in the past.

Chinese language sources:

Phoenix (includes tweet)

English source:

Says the usually right wing rag Telegraph via AP:

Her supporters said the singer would never have carried out her threat and is being targeted for her critical views. Activist Hu Jia said singer Wu Hongfei was detained on Monday by Beijing police on the charge of "causing trouble". The two activists are friends. Shortly after a man set off a bomb at Beijing's airport, Wu wrote on her microblog that she would like to blow up government housing commission offices. Beijing police did not respond to a request on Wednesday to verify Wu's detention. New York-based Human Rights Watch said it was likely Wu's detention was political retribution for her past criticisms of the government.

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