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Second Kungfuology shoot completed

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wu mao guiMe and Cam were in People's Park today shooting our second film for the kungfuology mainsite. We got the orignal lead from an old kung fu training buddy of ours JQ Whitcomb. JQ also happens to be a celebrated jazz musician here in Shanghai. Check out his site here.

JQ was hooked up with his current teacher through the Double Dragon Alliance. This organisation does cultural exchanges, focusing mainly on martial arts. I met the boss, Rose Oliver, and one week later we've completed a shoot with them.

Rose is a Taiji teacher from the UK who came to China to improve her knowledge. In the shoot we will show her training Tong Bei Quan with master Wu Maogui in People's Park. It was a scorcher, temperature in the upper 30's and their class at 2.30 in the afternoon. The video should be edited and up within a couple of days.

wu mao gui two

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