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Tech problems: Update

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painting with light
So, yeah, the blog has problems. It's up again. But, for me, it's either blocked or so slow that anything I do gets timed out using the regular Chinese net service.

I can do stuff with a VPN service, but as we all know, some of those are having problems too lately. 

This and many things about life are so annoying that, see picture, even at 38 years old, being juvenile feels great. It's my light painting ode to Perez Hilton.

Well, while I'm trying to catch up I should mention, in case the post doesn't get done, that this Friday is the Pairs CD release, Death to Giants have a bunch of new tracks on their Douban page and the Friend or Foe CD is also imminent. Full posts and links shortly.

- sigh -

Tech problems ... groan

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nightshot andy
As many people noticed, the blog went down completely. It generated a kind of fatal error and my host shut me down as a precaution (the error affected their MySQL database). I have contacted them and they have opened the blog again ... but I haven't had word back on the error so it's not really resolved yet.

So, for now, comments are off (error originated in comments DB) and posts won't be forthcoming until I get the exact info and fix. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

In the mean time, here's a photo from our many night rides in Shanghai. This one is much clearer and well thought out than the usual ones as I had help. Thanks, Micah!

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