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About time for some general updates. 

So where's Jake. Poor Jake works very very hard for the nice people at Time Out magazine, of which he represents 25% But, he still blogs because that's how much he loves us all. Currently he's having a bit of a holiday with his dear old mum. Seriously. 

So, once he's back we'll start planning the next series of Podcasts and blog posts will flow again. Just remember we have the two blogs and one will always have something each week. 

Also, the stuff we've been doing has made me think a lot. There's the blogs and the pod, there was some events and some music and, as yet behind the scenes, there's long form writing too and even IF games. There was even a video about the 3 Million RMB Douchebag at one point.

I was also re-reading No Media Kings lately.

Why not watch Jim's slideshow Time management For Anarchists

So, I'm often reflecting on being at the edges of the global arts industry which itself is crumbling and being redefined by the net. I moan about how it's becoming a wild west for Ad People and PR but also heap praise on those who build communities and succeed on their own terms. 

We've reflected a bit on how much we've been able to do in our spare time with very little effort and funding and how it's based on helping each other and just doing it without expectation and letting momentum build naturally. It would only take a small step up to start putting out some really good stuff. Blah blah blah ...

... jump cut to ...

I'm thinking of adding to Kungfuology with a new blog called Indie Everything where i'll document all projects i'm involved in from blogging to the Pod to music to whatever and just drop all secrecy or whatever and list all the costs or equipment or facilities or methods we use ... or whatever. Then people who read it can have a real and practical stepping off point to do the same themselves. It's sort of our endowment as humans to be aware and express ourselves. The idea that we shouldn't do it if it doesn't lead to financial gain needs to be swept away for a while. Well, forever.

Why am I telling you all about this? I just wanted a chat. And, I think the blog should be open for everyone to share/post. 

More to come.
expo pav
Update: Yeah, it's April fool's day. I made it pretty obvious with the rickroll at the end. Have fun everyone.


If you read the local rags on a regular basis you may know that all kinds of test-run events and kinds of Expo soft openings are starting up this week as organizers run around at the last minute trying to make everything work. There are also all kinds of videos and Expo related channels springing up and in need of constant filling.

Among the press feeding frenzy comes this incredible statement from a unnamed official, apparently a member of mayor Han Zhong's inner office. 

The statement lays out a proposed section in the China pavilion to be called "Shanghai Youth Culture is Adamant" which will showcase local artists and bands. No word yet on if this means venues will stay open or if this is intended to replace non-official acts during the Expo period. But surely it's a massive step. Incredibly they mention a band by name, The Mushrooms. Perhaps they heard of the Jue crosstalk event lately? Either way, could it be that Shanghai local pride is strong enough to trump even central policy?

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