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Long interview with Androsace @ Layabozi

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androsace group
Shanghai rock band Androsace started nearly a year ago and have already become a live scene mainstay. 

Music site Layabozi have just put out a long form interview with them.

And here's a snippet:

Dario: We read a review about a the gig we had in YuyinTang some time ago with The Fever Machine, and it said we are a grunge band, and that they expected more from us, like they wanted us to get more nuts on stage. I don't know if thats right, we don't want to pretend to do something we are not. We are not like rock stars, we are keeping the visual elements not really involve. In some way we should do it, I mean, the way we act on stage, but no putting so much attention on that...

Sebastian: The thing is the way that Lenz is being on stage now, which is a very natural way, it's working, so she doesn't have to push herself, it's just the way she is, and the way she enjoys it. I think this is the way to do it. The only thing is the set list, which is very organized.

FoF, Death To Giants live @ Yuyintang

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I spent all Monday night believing it was Friday and feeling anxious about work the next day. Because I was at Yuyintang listening to bands.

Why? New Zealand band Die Die Die have been touring China and seem to have got on with everyone so well that they threw an extra free show on the Monday. Bonus.

Death to Giants

Friend or Foe were strong as usual and you still have one more chance to see them before the original line up splits as bassist Fish leaves these shores. I'm talking about this gig on Saturday. Also playing Logo on Saturday are new Shanghai duo Death to Giants.

This was their second ever gig and the first time I have caught them. They were awesome. And they are pictured above setting up for the show. Death to Giants combine the punk, playful intensity of modern lo-fi duos with a dose of virtuoso technical playing and vocal harmonies. They've got it all. The real highlight of this was when they asked the audience to shout out two random numbers, from which they made a time signature, and a topic. Then they improvised an entire song called 'Monkeys and Popcorn.' 

So, Saturday then.

Knife Party live @ Yuyintang

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Friday night at Yuyintang and time for promoter Playful Warrior's latest hard rock/metal night. This time they opted to let newer and lesser known bands fill the bill.

The line up:

Good turn out for semi-unknown bands on a rainy night and The Knife Party stood out for me. They are young guys, they introduced one of their guitarists as being 15, and played solid metal with speed and good technique. They list their style as metalcore officially. Where they don't yet have the mature presence of performers in bands like Chaos Mind or Rakasasa, they have power in the music. Frontman Dennis really got the fans going and I hope to see them at bigger events soon. 

And the back of Dennis's shirt said "Christians to the lions." Nice.

New Logo Bar opens with Friend or Foe

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It's back. Logo Bar is opening its new location at 107 Sinan Road. That's near Taikang Road and the famous Tianzi Fang district.

That's Logo, Mao and O3 Space all in that general vicinity now ... suspiciously near Adam Gaensler's Luwan Rock HQ. Do I smell a plan for world domination? 

So on June 18th things will kick off with the Kill Bill show for Friend or Foe's departing bassist, Bill.

Bill's usual handle is Fish and he's not just leaving the band but leaving Shanghai. This warrants a genuine mention. Fish started out young here DJing and doing stuff with Antidote, then working for the promoter Splitworks and also in Friend or Foe, a successful and respected scene band. It's been a massive contribution over the years. Good luck.

Here's the bands official blurb on 'Bill'

Friend or Foe is a band of triplet brothers with a dark past. Made up of the Shakalaka bothers; Rabshaka, Mahanadan, and Bill, this band has recently been torn apart by a heinous, horrific act committed by their youngest brother Bill. In consequence for his unforgivable behavior the two older Shakalakas have decided to put Bill out of his misery. This will be Bill's last gig with Friend or Foe, because Rabshaka and Mahanadan will execute him during the performance.

Push Shove Blog China Mix

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pupu studio
Image: Pupu of The Mushrooms in the studio this year.

Alright, alright. Jake is out of town and I'm done my writing thing I've been doing. So here's a post.

Nick Peden and his China culture blog The Push Shove have just put out a great mix of Chinese music. 

It includes three tracks from last summer's Qu project I was in, so full disclosure there, but the tracks are in there by Nick's personal choice and the tracks are in the public domain. There was no planning or anything.

I've been at selected gigs too, just not writing. 

I was at this one.

Comments will still stay off as long as I'm not back at it on a regular basis, the spam is just too much to handle if I'm not logging in every day. Use the e-mail in the about page to update or add and I'll add good stuff to the posts.

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