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77 are looking for a bassist

b02ba1d0eefe779.jpgA public service announcement from Kungfuology: local punk band 77 are looking for a bassist. As you might remember from this track, 77's music is very much in the old school punk vein, and they're now looking for a bassist to complete their line-up. 

If you're interested in playing with them, you can check out their Douban here, where you'll be able to get in touch directly with the band's members. Alternatively, if you leave a comment on this post, I'll put you in touch with them.

For everyone else, the band are looking to get gigging regularly in the next couple of months and have shows lined up for September if not before.

New tunes

Here's a few things that I gleaned from trawling through my Douban feed until I got too jealous of people uploading photos of Gorillaz in Hong Kong and had to stop.

Newcomers Androsace have some new tracks up. If you like what you hear, they're at Corner Bar down in Songjiang on Friday and then up at Live Bar Wujiaochang on the 17th. Get on it.

Also up is a track from 77, entitled The 77 Song. If you like what you hear, why not join them? They have a guitarist and a singer and that's about it, so get in touch with them if you can offer something else to fill out their sound. Post a message on their Douban or leave a comment here (with your real e-mail address in the comment sign in bit) and I'll put you in touch with them. Just so you know, my offer of triangle and occasional recorder accompaniment has so far gone unanswered, but don't try and muscle in on those instruments.

Available entirely free for the whole month is 'Heartbrokenbleedin'again' from The Fever Machine, so make sure you click this link here then head to YYT on Friday where they'll (hopefully) play it live.

Just uploaded this morning, is this track from Plastic Chocolate. They're at MAO Livehouse on Boxing Day and YYT on New Year's Eve.

For something a little different, check out sankin77's cover/remix of a Boojii track. And that will mix nicely into the ChaCha remix of Conrank's STEMS that you can find here.

The video embedded here is of Triple Smash post rocking it down in Songjiang. And finally, a non-Douban link (shock) to some new music from local-based band Quarter Acre, courtesy of the good people at SmartShanghai. Right here.

'God Save the Expo'

Today is not only National Day (hooray for over zealous nationalism!), but it also marks the start of the last month of Expo. As mentioned here and in the comments of this post, Andy is planning a big write up of the Expo and it's impact on the local music scene once the event is over. In the meantime, to mark National Day and the (near) end of Expo, local punk band 77 have made this track available exclusively to Kungfuology (well alright, it got harmonised within five minutes on Douban so I said I'd put it up). Hit play above to hear it, right click to here to download it and make sure you hit up the band's Douban page here

Oi! 77

p519954656.jpgDespite 关注ing them, I somehow missed that Shanghai-based punk band 77 have put up a couple of tracks on their Douban. I had it pointed out to me last night at LOgO and, sure enough, there's a couple of songs up right here. Give that link a click and listen to the tracks.

It's punk in the pure, old school form so if you dig that stuff, you'll like these. They're still a fairly new band, but hopefully this means more is on the way and that they'll be gigging some more soon. Keep an eye out for them anyway. 


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