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AM444 in The Guardian

am444.jpgIn case you haven't seen this elsewhere yet, the latest MAP project list is out and for June, the good people at have chosen (drum roll............) AM444! Title of this post and the picture opposite probably gave that away, but still. That means AM444's excellent 'Eye Wonder' track is now being beamed to dozens of countries all over the globe. It's already getting some love on The Guardian comments as well. 

Video: AM444's 'Eye Wonder'


 Wow. See it in widescreen here.

AM444's album available for streaming

s4662377.jpgIf you missed the CD release for AM444's brilliant new album last weekend, you can give the whole thing a listen right here. Don't forget that SIG releases his album this Friday at The Shelter and remember that you can catch AM444 performing live at the Nanjing (International) Music Festival and Midi Shanghai in the next few weeks.

AM444 CD release, The Shelter

dscn3312.jpgIt's not often that The Shelter gets mentioned on this blog. Not because I don't go there, I'm there all the time, but because it usually falls into a different domain and is dealt with by other sites. I'm making an exception here though because AM444 have released a brilliant, made in Shanghai album and it's worthy of recognition. I've had the hooks from the Eye Wonder album echoing in my head all morning and if you missed the show last night, you need to pick up a copy of that CD or cop it on iTunes as soon as you can. 

The show kicked off last night with a premiere of the second AM444 music video (after this one). From what I could see over people's heads, it was really nicely shot and very professionally done. Keep an eye out here for it going up online.

After a set from Alan Shanyinde, AM444 then produced a live set, performing the album in its entirety. Anyone who has seen ChaCha perform before knows that she's simply a massive massive talent and it was great to see her here with a large crowd nodding along as she sang. She was supported by a backing vocalist (also excellent) and Xiao Feng on the trumpet and, of course, the other half of AM444, Jay.Soul. 

His performance was outstanding. In addition to spinning the beats that he composed for the album, he seemed to be doing about a dozen things at once, including playing live keys and guitar over the top. It could have been so easy for him to just DJ the beats, but his live instrumentation really added another dimension to the show.

Once again, you really need to get yourself a copy of this album if you haven't already. It's a great record and another really strong Shanghai release. Congratulations to everyone involved.

More photos like the one above from the video shoot here.

It's Friday, you need this


AM444 album release at The Shelter, tonight from 10pm.

See also: this and this.

Don't miss it.

AM444 artwork released

2373247296-1.jpgThis blog doesn't usually deal with electronic music in Shanghai not because I don't love it, but because it's covered by people elsewhere who do it better than I could. That's why I'm just going to drop a link here and tell you to head over to the Sub-Culture blog where they have the artwork and track list for the forthcoming AM444 record, an album that I can't wait to hear. It's one of a number of great local releases coming up in the next month or so from Shanghai-based musicians and bands that show that the city really has something to shout about musically. You can hear a teaser for the AM444 album right here. Get on it.


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