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Midi, day 1: The day of Dingma

midi1 031.jpgMr who? Never mind the absent headliners, nor the fact that the constant playing of 'To Be With You' and highlights of their appearance in Beijing rubbed it in a bit (if you were actually bothered about them in the first place), Midi was a big success yesterday. The food is crap and over-priced, but that's really the only complaint - the set up is good, the site looks really nice and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There was a decent crowd yesterday, bigger than I'd expected given that most people had to work and that the main act had pulled out last minute, and all the bands played well.

With notable mentions of Angry Jerks (who played a great set in the often daunting opener slot) and Sonnet (who really got the crowd going mid-afternoon), the day really belonged to Top Floor Circus. Dingma were fantastic and had a big crowd jumping around, singing along and laughing their heads off for their entire set. So much so that they were called back on stage for an encore - something I don't think I've ever seen with a festival band who aren't headliners. They should have been in the top slot of course, but never mind they were brilliant and the crowd loved it. The Antidote stage too was on fine form after a quiet start. With Acid Pony Club, Ben Huang and R3 getting a good crowd.

The sun's shining again and today should be another belter, get yourself to Century Park.


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