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Earn money by going to Yuyintang this weekend

2acc00a62d529bf.jpgThere are two shows on at Yuyintang this weekend where you'll get paid 1RMB each if you attend them. Yes, instead of forking out 40 kuai to watch a show, the promoters will pay you. If you haven't heard already, this is the brainchild of DJ BO and Dabei's Xiao Wei. The idea is to get more foreigners to see Chinese bands and more Chinese people to see foreign bands in Shanghai. 

The line-ups are as follows: 
Saturday Dabei, Prank, Senlinmu, Baiyu, Loudspeaker
Sunday Pairs, The Horde, Icenine, Moon Tyrant, Pacific

So if you've ever fancied going to see some of these bands and not got around to it, this weekend seems like a pretty good opportunity to do so. Check out more details here.

Sending our boys (and girls) to Mongolia

jordan.jpgFriday night saw the last fundraiser for DJ BO's Rock Naadam tour of Mongolia, held at LOgO. The three bands who will be heading from Shanghai to UB all played - The Horde (Ho-Tom and Franco), Moon Tyrant and Boys Climbing Ropes - there was a good turn out and it was a good night. 

DJ BO has done a sterling job getting the whole thing organised and has been promoting the hell out of it up in Mongolia. He's got radio spots (see after the jump), billboard posters and all sorts. The bands head to Beijing this Wednesday, from where they'll be taking flights to Mongolia. They'll then be playing in UB and Darkhan over the period of Naadam. It's all massively exciting and I for one wish I was going with them. 

Anyway, in addition to the gigs, BO has been doing plenty of promotion here in Shanghai too to help raise funds and that includes a spot on ICS. If you click here, then go to Saturday 2 and 'Shanghai Live', you'll find a bit on the trip with interviews with some of those involved about 12 minutes 30 seconds in. Check it out.

Gotan Project cancel and other bits and bobs

Flyer_1_h.jpgJust a quick note: if you were planning on forking out 400RMB for the Shanghai World Music Festival in Zhongshan Park this weekend, just bear in mind that one of the big headliners, The Gotan Project, have now cancelled. Equipment problems at customs or something. Blah. Also, and this is a big one, the Uzbekistan National Song and Dance Troupe have cancelled too. I know. That means there'll be some line-up shuffling - see if you can make sense of this press release.

On to other matters: Battle Cattle are new in Shanghai, have a Douban with a track up on it already and are playing a show with Kungfuology favourites Next Year's Love next week. It's free and at Yuyintang - can't say fairer than that. Here's the details.

Another date for your diary, at least for those who can bear gigs at LUNE, is May 28th when Boys Climbing Ropes, The Beat Bandits, Moon Tyrant and DJ BO come together for a show to help those acts raise money for tours in Mongolia and Japan. 

And another one for June 10th if you plan that far ahead: Beijing act Yantiao return to Shanghai with a lightly re-jigged line-up after impressing at Live Bar a while back. They're with Pairs, Guijian and new Shanghai duo Death to Giants, featuring him out of Moon Tyrant and him out of Rainbow Danger Club. Baddaboom.

The latest from Trash a Go Go

mohanik best alternative.jpgPicture by Andy Cullen.

So after all this, a couple of updates from the Trash a Go Go camp:

There will not be a show at Mao Livehouse this Sunday. Here is the new show information:

Trash A Go-Go

Place: Yuyintang (851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu)

Time: Sunday April 3, 11:59 pm (LATE SHOW)

price: FREE


-Mohanik (Mongolian punk)* [more on Mohanik after the jump]

-The Fever Machine (big-riff rock)
-The Instigation (hardcore punk)

 DJ BO then goes on to explain a bit about the cancellation:

I'd like to establish that the decision to cancel the Trash A Go-Go at Mao Livehouse for this Sunday was made by the management of Mao Livehouse. It was made for the exact same reason that this Thursday's show there was canceled: clearly, Mao has not been given permission by local authorities to hold events at their new space.

The fine people of Split-Works will be having their shows at Mao Livehouse this Friday and Saturday. I assure you it is due to the special efforts of Split-Works, not Mao Livehouse, that these shows will not be interrupted.

Mao Livehouse put out a release saying this Sunday's show was canceled due to an illness by a member of The Lemons. That's simply not true. As I mentioned, Mao's reasons for canceling the show had nothing to do with the performers and everything to do with local authorities.

Japan benefit show this Saturday at LUNE

Tsunami Benefit - March 19th.jpgThe coming weekend is a massive one for live music, but here's a show to bear in mind on Saturday. DJ BO says:

Originally it was going to be your standard (high rockin' and awesome, mind you) free party, but we felt it would be more appropriate to help those in a desperate situation. 
We've contacted the Japanese consulate and are working to make sure the money gets to Japan as quickly as possible after the show. All the information on the attached poster is accurate, except we are now asking for a 20 RMB donation.

Bands: The Dudettes (Shanghai comedy-rockers), The Beat Bandits (surf/garage), Hotter Than Teppanyaki (Latin/fusion party), Sal & Upnavala Groove (sitar-based band - debut performance) 
DJs: DJ Sal, J B.O 


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